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Technology has made this world a small place, indeed. People living in faraway cities can connect with each other with just a click of the mouse. Sadly, things are not the same in rural India. Villages in India still need to take a long leap to join this online race.


In an attempt to bring rural India online, Bharat ek Khoj is an effort which brings together more than 833 million people living across 6 lakhs villages in India. By creating an online presence of the Indian villages, the rural community can not only connect with one another but also to the outside world. The site contains information about the villages listed here, one can discuss about the socio-economic problems, and reforms needed or call out for help for the betterment of the rural community.


The site, Bharat ek Khoj, is the culmination of the thought that despite numerous initiatives and programmes started by the government and NGOs, rural India still remains a neglected part of this country. We understand that the online presence of the Indian villages can make a lot of difference to an individual, the rural communities and to the country as a whole.


Through our website, the real state of the Indian villages will be brought forth and those interested can work towards reforming the village community. There are many talented people who because of the lack of exposure are forced to give up their skills like sportsmen, artisans, magicians etc. They should all be given a fair chance to make India proud.


Note: Please note that Bharat ek Khoj does not accept any money for any kind of reform programme. We can help you get in touch with the village sarpanch (head) and concerned person.